At one time or another - we all need help, to:

  • Seek support for our problems...
  • Enhance our lifestyle and well being…
  • Enrich our lives…

And here is where I CAN HELP

My multi-disciplinary approach is evidenced based and collaborative, so together we will work to:

  • Identify your personal issues
  • Establish your desired goals
  • Allow you to move on, and no longer hold-on


While my professional training and experience covers the spectrum of ages and psychological maladies, my proficiency is in working with young adults, adults and seniors.


Clinical and academic training is deeply rooted in the science-practitioner model, whereby robust scientific research is utilized to guide my theoretical orientation.


Hypnosis (also known as a “trance”) has been recognized and supported in the scientific literature as an effective intervention for a diversity of issues.

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