Law Enforcement & 1st Responders

Unfortunately, the stressors, and for some trauma, that you are experiencing are inevitable in your chosen profession. While healthy coping skills exist, denying the existence of stress [maybe out of fear of being viewed as “weak” or unworthy of “the job”] or mismanaging stress will inevitably lead to negative consequences for you, your family, co-workers and the public.

Some signs and symptoms that stress and/or trauma have altered your thinking, feelings, behaviors and/or physical health may include:





Additionally, stress and/or trauma may cause you to:

become unproductive/shy away from calls at work, over-zealousness/aggressiveness, resistant/inflexible to change, increased absenteeism, alcohol/drug use (prescription/street), being late and/or unprepared for work, home life in disarray, complaints by family and/or co-workers, taking unnecessary high risks (such as excessive speeding, not calling for back-ups, etc.) having domestic disputes, divorce, taking excessive sick-time/call-outs, burning out, becoming malcontent.

In some cases, when stress and/or trauma is denied or mismanaged, physiological changes will occur and give rise to: major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, increased mortality and suicide.